2020 Trends for Homewares Brisbane

This time of the year has always been the time to update your home with stylish and modern homewares. In 2020, the theme includes using natural materials, classic but long-lasting, bang for your buck products. Read on and note down some furniture ideas that designers have recently suggested.


2020 Homewares Brisbane trends include’s fresh living spaces provided by eco-friendly homewares such as crafted furniture, stone, granite decorative accessories as well as wood-based kitchen and dining essentials. These homewares bring an organic and fresh atmosphere into your house. Providing a peaceful and relaxing area after long working hours.


Unique shapes and different styles have made vintage light bulbs stand out from other origin ones. These types of bulbs could be used in chandeliers in your home. A romantic vibe by brass and copper-based bulbs has surprisingly come back as a 2020 homewares Brisbane trend. Vintage light is perfect for large living room spaces, you can learn how to arrange your living room here.


Kitchen homewares shouldn’t be forgotten in this list. The idea of open shelves has become a decorator’s standard of kitchens. People now tend to show jars of oats, pasta, spices on the shelves instead of hiding them away. Clear walls and wooden open shelves are the minimalist kitchen styles recommended.

Natural Open Shelf Decoration


Well-designed porcelain plates would be the best idea for your dinner as well as parties. Show them on your open shelves and make sure the plates are organized in order. This arrangement could make your kitchen more cozy and inspirational, ready for your next cooking time.


These bathroom sinks are one of the vintage design trends bring introduced in 2020. Simple design with black and white color, sturdy and easy to operate, bucket sinks have become essentials in your bathrooms.


The surface of concrete bathtubs gives a comfortable and industrial feeling. The combination of practical, strength and fashionable has made them became one of the most trendy housewares of next year plus, the bathroom floor also plays an important role to resulted in a stylish bathroom. Check it out at Flooring Bathroom Interiors for a variety of floor types that fits right into the theme of your bathrooms; whether it’s a minimal style or a vibrant abstract color one.


Placing dried flower vases and pots in your house will also be a brilliant idea. These flowers might bring a vibe of vintage and retro tone to the surroundings. Besides, you could change the flowers due to the seasons of them. Summer and vibrant hues flowers are different from winter chilly leaves and baby’s breath.


There is a vast amount of ideas for canvas prints to decorate your house. You can either DIY or purchase it in the stores. The picture could be diverse from a nature scene to an abstract design picture. These canvas painting could reflect your personalities, interests, or even inspirational quotes.

Choosing your favorite homewares Brisbane trends is difficult. Chose wisely and have fun! If you’re looking for more idea’s for your living space check out Vogue’s hottest homeware trends.

Kitchen with Natural Materials